artist statement

I’m a human who is moved by pleasure. I deeply enjoy moving in solitude and with company: to embody energy, to tune into a collective pulse and to inhabit the space completely. My creative aspirations are developed through a holistic lens.
My kinesthetic research has a somatic approach and welcomes the various influences that my identity brings, as a mexican woman, to be able to share myself with an honest presence.

I work from a dance background integrating performance art, physical theater and Dance for camera to communicate effectively the desired ideas or to propose to the audience an unanswered question.

I’m a feminist; my work is a medium to respond to the political and cultural context and generate dialogue around the subject. Academic research is an essential part of my choreographic process as well as interaction with the community through classes and events.

My work is a transdisciplinary inquiry manifesting in choreography, sound, video, rituals and essays. I’m an avid collaborator and constantly create opportunities for artists to work together. Also, I often wonder about how technology can connect and disconnect us from each other.