artist statement

My work is a transdisciplinary inquiry at the intersection of choreography, video and rituals. As a movement artist, I create with an eco-somatic approach that centers the experience and knowledge of the body in relation to nature as a whole.

I plunge into embodied research to go deep into the wisdom of the tissues and ancestral muscle memory. I create participatory and interactive rituals that bridge traditional and contemporary practices. I facilitate spaces where my community can grieve, celebrate and create together.

As a feminist Mexican-American artist, I believe is my duty to respond to the social and political context with responsibility, consciousness and courage. Through my work, I offer a space for communal reflection & imagination. The participation of the audience becomes a claim of autonomy, a collective belonging and a political act.

I’m interested in the digital dimension where bodies can transform and relate beyond time and space. My work explores virtual encounters that transcend distance and are deeply grounded in the flesh and senses.

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