Contemporary Connections

Yanina facilitates a space where the student can explore creative movement to make new neuromuscular, artistic and social connections. The class includes release-based contemporary dance and guided improvisations with imagery to access personal and collective narratives. The student is encouraged to identify habits of muscular tension and create images to allow energy efficiency and dynamic range. Ultimately, the class brings awareness of human connection through the joy of dance and moving together as a group.


Rhizome Lab

This is a collaborative workshop to explore, experiment and investigate creative processes. It is intended for people interested in transdisciplinary collaboration in: dance, music, theater, cinematography, animation, fine arts, arquitecture, designers, etc… Together we exercise creativity, develop collaboration skills and go through the experience of generating, planning, producing and editing ideas. The teaching philosophy of the lab fosters a rhizome model to access the collective intelligence, to work without hierarchies and to share strategies and possibilities for creative work.


Dance for Social Change

“Dance for Social Change” is a 10-week workshop for middle and high school students that combines the possibilities of a dance class with political activism. The objective of the class is for the students to develop their own choreographic and activism projects within their own community.



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